AQUILAW has conceptualised and created AQUILAW IQ, an institution dedicated to designing a future replete with innovation and ideation in the field of legal, policy, governance and social welfare, embedded with a strategic foresight capability.

AQUILAW IQ aims to serve as a centre of excellence and undertake a comprehensive and all-inclusive analysis of legal, policy, governance, social welfare, gender-based discrimination and disparity and minority related issues.
AQUILAW IQ strives to bridge the gap between the legal theory and its application and bring about a positive impact, by connecting key stakeholders; publication of articles, thought leaderships, research papers or any kind of contribution in the field of legal, policy, governance, social welfare etc.; participate in meetings, public lectures, conferences, seminars etc.; grant scholarships, awards, honour, commendations in education and training; organisation of welfare programmes; and promotion of education and dissemination of knowledge.